The Mitsubishi Montero is not lacking in capability by any means. In most cases the vehicle and driver are capable of getting the vehicle into tougher situations than the body and undercarriage can handle. This is where properly designed armor comes into play. Some of these vehicle are lucky enough to still have their OEM skid plates made of thin, stamped sheet metal. We provide partial and complete kits to cover the vital components exposed to the rugged terrain. Make sure you get back in one piece by protecting the important parts, explained in detail below.

GonDirtin' in the photo above show our skid plates fitted to their Montero in Sedona

 Skid plates are made in small limited quantity runs, we're a small shop and cover all generations of montero so we have to cycle our production runs to ensure everyone gets parts in a reasonable time-frame.

These are the last of the Gen 2 skid plate production for 2024

While inventory lasts:

Front Skid plate* Protects front sway bar, entry to oil pan area, entry to transmission cooler and radiator, comes with winch fair-lead block off plate, pair this with a winch plate and winch kit to complete the front end set up. Ties into differential skid for seamless protection. (currently out of stock, in production)

Mid, Differential Skid plate Protects the oil pan, differential, front yoke and lowest driveshaft points, Protects California Pre-Cats from theft, ties into transmission skid for seamless protection.

Transmission Skid Plate Protects the transmission oil pan, cooler lines, front driveshaft and exhuast. Protects federal or primary catalytic converter from theft. Please note this skid will only fit USDM Automatic transmission vehicles (2 door and 4 door) If unsure measure from rear oil pan skid mounting hole to threaded holes on the front of the transmission cross member, if the holes are 26.5 inches apart, the skid will fit. Some Puerto Rican models and other gray market gen 2's with 3.0 12 valve engines have a gen 1 style cross member and the skid will come up short. No returns for lack of measuring. 

Fuel Tank Plate Kit Protects the fuel tank with full edge to edge coverage and wrap around front and back designs with stainless steel stand off brackets designed to divert force and retain fuel capacity. Prevents dents in the fuel tank that can cause stalling of the engine or loss of fuel capacity.

Skid plates are such a drastic improvement for your Montero when getting off-road, these skids armor you up for all of the terrain to come with a factory like fit, but hardcore protection. ADD strives to make each part's fit and finish above and beyond what the factory parts offered. Our Steel skids provide enough protection to make your way through the toughest trails on Earth. 

Installation is simple and uses factory hardware for almost every mounting point excluding the rear transmission mounting holes. If your hardware is missing, replacement hardware is available at any hardware or home repair store. Front two bolts are M10x1.25 and the rears are all M8x1.25. The fuel tank skid comes with the required mounting hardware.

ADHD is a product line of parts selected for a factory chassis rig that can tame the toughest trails in America. The ADHD prefix on a part indicates it was designed for optimal off-road use, that means it's an off-road part, designed for rigs we build and use hard. Everything is a compromise when it comes to vehicle modifications and extreme levels of off-roading. Adding flexibility and changing ride characteristics like vehicle weight or the mechanical function of your vehicle is your own adventure, do your research before you go.

Options available are:

1. Superleggera Series American Made high strength Aluminum Skids, an upgrade from the flimsy stamped steel units that came from the factory, the transsmision lacks any coverage and the fuel tank is only covered in the middle with an easily bent pan. This armor is suited for the average off-roader, it will protect against rocks, sand, mud, logs and debris, it's not suited for rock crawlers but suits most users.

2. ADHD Cold Rolled Steel. These heady duty skids are in the HD line of our products. Designed for hardcore off-roaders, expedition rigs and overland vehicles with increased weight, thus needing a higher tensile strength sheet of steel under their belly. The finished units are raw steel and will need to be painted, powder coated or plasti dipped prior to installation.

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Gen 2 Mitsubishi Montero Skid Plate Armor

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