Advanced user installation required: Adequate welder and welding skills are required to install! You're putting yours and other peoples' life at risk if you do not properly install this! You may need to notch, grind, drill or modify this plate slightly for your specific Montero - There's not much walk-through information out there. This is a builder type part. Take it to a fab shop or 4wd shop if you're uncertain. Most mechanic shops wont touch something like this. Bad welds result in your own risk, danger to others and just not good stuff, so be careful. we aren't responsible for what you do with this thing.

6/4/20 - Another run of winch plates is in the works and will be shipping out late june.

The first and only winch plate designed for ease of installation on the Mitsubishi Montero in the US. Previously you could shop around and find a winch plate close to what you needed, hack it up a whole bunch and then retrofit it on your frame. This plate locates to the frame, with two large holes that line up with the frame horns. Some of the tools required to install this are a grinder and welder. Once complete your winch will sit properly between the frame rails as Mitsubishi intended. In other countries the Montero came with a winch from the factory. The factory winch was PTO driven from the transfer case and mounted in the same spot this plate is designed for.This results in a low CG pull that will extract your truck from the most stuck situations. Other options will have your winch up on a poorly mounted aftermarket bumper, putting the pull at higher CG, more strain on the frame and more likelyhood of tearing a bumper mount. Slow and low, that is the tempo!

These plates are proudly designed and manufactured in America.

Some notes on our winch plate:

All frames are subjected to different elements and conditions, this plate has locating holes based off of factory trucks from Arizona that have never been subjected to corrosion or collision, your vehicle may have suffered any number of situation before your ownership, we do not guarantee this unit will not fit perfectly on every truck, it is far above and beyond anything you can get elsewhere in terms of a direct solution. Many hours of fitment testing and seeking out stock vehicles lacking damage brought this unit to the market. Please understand that buying this unit does not provide you with a simple bolt-in solution, if one could exist, we would've made it. Happy trails!

We make these in limited runs periodically.

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ADHD Adventure Driven Hardcore Design | Easy Weld-in Winch Plate | Gen 1 & 2

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