This is not an 'off the shelf' upgrade part; the 4600 series is the top tier stock replacement shock for the Montero.

Beyond just replacement we've spec'd out 5100 series that will work on the Montero chassis and provide longer than stock travel to work with your lift kit or modified suspension.

About the 5100 series:

Softer than the 4600 - softer than you might expect.   Our 5100's are valved primarily for off-road washboard driving, soaking up rocky roads and rugged terrain mile by mile. On the street you'll notice the ride is far more compliant than stock with more body roll and a little more carryover than a street performance shock. We've tested every available brand of shock for stock replacement and went a step further to ensure the smoothest and least jarring ride you can get without involving a comma in the price tag.  Adventure Driven Designs' Bilstein 5100's will provide increased wheel travel on stock and lifted Monteros up to 2.5" of lift.

Where else can you get 5100 series shocks for your Montero? Nowhere!

We’ve custom spec’d 5100 series Bilsteins to make your truck ride like you’ve never experienced before. We kit these in house for fitment, you can't buy these direct from Bilstein and even if you could, you'd be missing the parts required to make them properly work. You're getting the only Bolt-On 5100 series upgrade currently available to the public for a Montero, exclusively from Adventure Driven Design.

Rear Shock Options:

These come in three sizes.   Why three?     Your rear coils are held in place by interference fit that's limited by the shock absorbers.   If you put longer shocks on without longer springs, you run the risk of a spring falling out of place - Adventure Driven Design is not responsible for this as you modify your truck at your own risk.    

  1. Stock length
    This is the right choice for you if you're running stock coil springs or Old Man Emu springs which aren't built to increase flexibility.   
  2. Mid-travel for increased articulation without going HAM. If you remove your sway bars you may need to adjust your brake hose brackets, get our extended brake line, adjust ABS sensor wires, parking brake cables, etc - in other words this is definitely for advanced installers and you are absolutely responsible for yourself when installing these longer-than-stock shock absorbers.  Great for experienced wheelers who ditch their sways and want to get the most of their suspension flex.
  3. Long Travel
    They're as long as we could make them without the risk of them bottoming out when fully articulated. You do run the risk of binding with these, it's suggested you run poly bushings in your trailing arms to keep bind at a minimum. ADD is not responsible for any damage done from inexperienced users running these shocks, you may need to adjust your brake hose brackets, get an extended rear soft line from us, adjust cables, etc, do stuff, take precautions... you might even convert the front of your trailing arm from bushing to a joint of some kind, These shocks are intended for off road rock crawling. You can build a very nice and capable daily driven rig, or you can go full trail mode on a budget. Whatever you're doing, you're deep in the modified suspension world so put on your thinking cap and get to work! Or turn your butt around and go back to the stock length ones, this isn't for the faint of heart. They will cause accelerated wear on the factory rubber bushings from cycling the suspension off road.

These shocks are always special order. We no longer build them up in advance and keep them in stock. Please be patient. Due to our website configuration, these have to show as 'in stock' in order for you to be able to add to cart, apologies in advance for any confusion this may create when ordering.

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Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Upgrade - Full kit Gen 2 Montero

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