Fits stock and lifted vehicles. 

Made of solid CNC Machined 7075 T6 bar stock with easy to fit OEM bushing size chromoly rod ends, these adjustable bars are available for:

89-91 Montero/Raider (coil only)
92-00 Montero (gen 2/2.5)
00-04 Montero Sport

Designed to adjust on the vehicle to easily set correct axle position on a lifted vehicle. This bar comes with special  Joints on each end that allow for maximum bind free articulation. Unlike large heims these joints are cushioned with internal bushings to provide a comfortable on-road driving experience. Each end is rebuildable and grease-able for long life and easy service. 

What this does:

On a coil sprung axle (Montero rear), a panhard (track) bar is used to locate the axle's orientation from left to right and keep the axle aligned under the vehicle as it travels down the road or articulates over obstacles.

When a suspension lift is done on a Montero, the bar must be adjusted to accommodate the length of the lift. If the vehicle is lifted without an adjustable track bar, the lift will pull the axle to one side. The axle will no longer be centered under the vehicle and ride quality will suffer.

When the axle is being pulled out of center driving down the highway can sometimes feel like the truck follows lines, or steers to one side when crossing large bumps. The rear may shimmy or sag to one side as you go through dips in the road. This places a lot of stress on the trailing arms, factory steel tube track bar and oem bushings eventually resulting in wear or failure of the listed parts. Lifting without providing track adjustment will make the vehicle handle in a less predictable manner than it would in stock form.

The OEM panhard or track bar is not adjustable, which is why a part like this is necessary when lifting a vehicle, the factory panhard bard is also quite weak and when abused off-road, it will bend, moving the rear axle off to one side and making the drive home quite difficult, the 7075 bar is extremely resilient and will bounce right back from even the hardest of hits.

The main bar is made from high tensile strength material, similar to what’s used in large aircraft landing gear, these Panhard bars are stronger, lighter, far better looking and most importantly; have a full range of adjustment and allow for full suspension articulation.

Even if you use your stock suspension truck for a trail rig, you will appreciate the added strength and durability that our part provides, along with the extra flex and rotation from the chromoly joints, grease-able and rebuild-able.

Once you’ve lifted the suspension the rear alignment begins to get out of track and this part becomes a requirement for a properly square alignment. Our bar can be adjusted on the truck and is great for those of you with added air bags for load carrying. Allowing you to perfectly dial-in loaded and unloaded rear track and then adjust “on the fly” (as long as parked). Helping to alleviate the ‘jog’ in the rear end when you change lanes due to misalignment of the rear axle. Experienced as wandering or tracking of the rear end often comes from panhard bushings that are either too worn from use or too weak against large off road tires at highway speeds, it's almost most commonly experienced when a vehicle is lifted enough to bring the rear axle out of square with the front wheel track.

Long story short, if you own a coil sprung rear end Montero, you need this part, leaf guys need not apply (older sports, gen 1 4 cyl, mighty max/D50’s)

ADHD is a product line of parts selected for a factory chassis rig that can tame the toughest trails in America. The ADHD prefix on a part indicates it was designed for optimal off-road use, that means it's an off-road part. Everything is a compromise when it comes to vehicle modifications and extreme levels of off-roading. Adding flexibility and changing ride characteristics of your vehicle is your own adventure, do your research before you go hardcore.

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Adventure Driven Hardcore Design - American Made Montero Heavy Duty Adjustable Panhard Bar

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