If you're looking for the maximum lift with the lowest cost, we've got a couple of combinations here to get your rig trail-ready.
If you've ever purchased a project rig you know the anxiety that comes with budgeting repairs and 'while you're in there' modifications. Weighing options to get the most cost effective finished project can feel like gambling, and having a driving project helps motivate you to keep working on it. Many of us know we're going to end up with a suspension lift, bigger tires, armor, camping gear and other things that will impact our rig, some things are tolerable, others less.

Budget boost lift kit comes in two sizes:
1.75" (mid travel rear)
3.5" (mid travel rear)

What you get: A full set of 5100 shocks with mid travel rear length, a spring spacer you'll use to lift the rear suspension 1.75" - then by adjusting your front torsion bars to maximum height you'll be riding as high as any off the shelf lift kit will get you. Your springs will be soft and wont carry weight like a full kit would, but you'll be able to fit as much tire as possible before going to a body lift. Which is what the second kit comes with additionally. You get another 1.75" out of a body kit to fit upwards of 35 inch tires on your MK1 or MK2 Montero. This works great if your budget has gone to tires and gears, or other things.

Please specify in your order notes if you have a Gen 1 or Gen 2 Montero.
Kits have an average 2-3 week lead time and are subject to supply chain delays out of our control.

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5100 Series Budget Boost Lift Kits

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