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Lighting can get complicated, quick. From power draw to lumen output you can end up down a rabbit hole researching lighting, getting into temperatures and colors, beam patterns, photo-metric footprints, it can get difficult to know what you’re looking for, or at sometimes. If you don’t want to research an entire technology and would like a simple cost-effective solution for supplemental lighting on your rig; we’ve got some simple answers. We happen to have some education in the lighting field and in a previous life team members from add were part of a large lighting company, working in product development for heavy industries lighting. Specifically LED and Magnetic Induction, we’ve seen a wide range of quality parts, everything from dirt floor manufacture environments to clean-room laboratory level production facilities. We have worked with and designed low and high wattage luminaries for extreme environments, with extreme demands, so we know a bit of what we look for in lighting and we bring those years of manufacture level industry knowledge to you in order to help light the way. (All puns intended).

The front pod units max out at 50 watts, they're small and simple, but in our previous work we’ve been responsible for luminaire designs in the 500watt realm with 80-feet of light-throwing power capable of producing working area lighting levels that complied with osha regulations. While that might mean a lot of nothing to some people, what it basically Implies is we’ve got some experience in the lighting realm. 

These particular lights are IP68, which denotes it's resistance to water intrusion and the rating is high enough for submersing, the front lens is manufactured from thick poly-carbonate, The boards are housed in O-ringed aluminum housings, the lenses and housings are sealed with flange gaskets, the mounting brackets are made from laser cut, machine formed stainless steel and the mounting hardware is provided for each light, the front and reverse units units provide options for day time running lights, and the rears offer pre-programmed chase strobe sequences for dusty trails or emergency stops. Both types are equipped with multi wire inputs allowing you to tap various vehicle output signals to control an overall upgrade in your lighting. The power draw on both sets is low enough that the factory fog light and reverse light wiring is sufficient, meaning the basic lighting outputs can be controlled with factory switches, relays and fuses, no wiring mess. The running lights power draw are low enough that the power feed can be tapped into the front corner lights and the tail lights runners.

We aren’t saying this is the best solution out there, but these are what we use, we've shopped around enough and worked to get the best product for the best price, these will excellent even when compared to the expensive units, without breaking the bank. The pods have white driving light with a combination flood and spot lens for minimal glare, they are equipped with amber back lighting for running lights. The flush mount cubes have a similar configuration, with the addition of another wire input for a pre-programmed strobe pattern, highly visible and effective in dusty and snowy environments where visibility is limited. The amber runners can also be used as supplemental turn signal outputs, since they’re an independent wire. Get creative with it! 

These are stocked in limited quantities and we generally have them brought in by sea, so when they sell out, they're usually out for a while. Thanks for understanding!
Please note: currently sold out of the larger 7" pods.

Switch, relay and wiring harnesses are available. Let us know in the order comments if you want one and we can invoice you.

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High Output LED with amber runners and pre-runner chase strobe options.

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