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This is a Pre-Order SALE - You're getting the best price possible but there's a 6-8 week wait time depending on when you order, you could be at the lead of the pack or just getting something hot off the press, so get your accessories and add ons in order! 

The Modular bumper system has evolved from our series 1 Budget Builder's Bumpers (say that three times fast?) . The original design was a simple box tube and plate design with bent tubing for upper protection. The intention was bumper you could use as-is, or, weld filler panels on the top, ends and bottom, light mount tabs, shackle mounts, it was the basic skeleton of a bumper so we could make to make it function while keeping the cost to you at a minimum. Shipping costs ended up killing the idea...

Now! This production bumper is all laser cut sheet metal, it packs down into a fairly small box, like a small gym bag. You can see our skid-plates for an example of the quality and precision ADD provides when it comes to metal working.  The corners ("wings") weld to the robust, engineered center section at your desired width and depth, making it possible for us to provide one bumper that fits a variety of Montero chassis, thus enabling an economy of scale manufacturing that keeps the cost to you, as low as we can! The corner pieces in this kit will need to be welded to the center-section by an adequate machine. So... you gotta be handy with steel, if you know what I mean? (Warren G does)  You can tack weld the plates together once you've lined it all up to fit your body lines with the help of a level and a pair of C-clamps, tape measure suggested. We also did it this way because we understand trucks get bumped and beat, accidents happen.. Our modular design allows you some alignment via innovative mounting flanges. A good 120v 20a welder with flux core wire at it's highest settings can burn this thing together in a saturday morning giving you plenty of time to clean the flux, prep and paint.

Not a welder? Not a problem... take your modular bumper kit to your local fabricator or body shop, ask them to weld it up after fitting it to your truck, maybe add some tube work or a simple trail gear stinger (Google 303413-KIT) to protect the Radiator, or side pieces for the fenders and corner lights, maybe a light bar, it’s all your call, but you're supporting local fabricators and we think that's cool. We add all kinds of stuff to anything we buy and we think you should too!

Price includes shipping in the US.

Photos are customer examples of completed kits. Kit comes un-assembled. Packed as small ad as tight as we can, some flexing may occur, get creative, always feel free to ask for guidance, we've welded up quite a few of these for ourselves. Drive Wild!

Please read carefully!

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ADHD - Adventure Driven Hardcore Design MK1 Mitsubishi Montero Plate Steel Modular Bumper System

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