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1982-1991 Montero (generation 1) OEM Idler Arm Assembly

& 1983-1995 4WD Mighty Max OEM Idler Assembly

Now available as pre-assembled 555 Brand ‘Made in Japan’ idler assemblies loaded with our American made bullet-proof brass bushings. If you pay attention to what lasts for the hardcore off roading people, there's a few brands, OEM, 555, Moog & Pro Forged have shown to make quality parts, enthusiasts often recommend the 555 because it's generally seen to be the closest to the top tier oem specs. We have heard your requests and now offer complete assemblies or rebuild kits if you're lucky enough to have a low mileage and good condition OEM idler assembly.

The issue:

From the best we can tell, the early Gen 1 4-cylinder trucks had a small pin oem idler assembly, millimeters smaller in diameter, and straight shouldered bushings, this smaller assembly had a lower sheer or bend point, easiest to identify by the 17mm nut usually holding it together, the model was later  replaced with the v6 oem unit, a larger pin, larger tapered bushings with oil grooved shoulders and a beefier ball joint assembly. When the aftermarket world started producing idlers they made the 4 cylinder version, we can only speculate due to how much cheaper it is to produce and how it looks and functions the same until stressed. Either way, we put effort into a solution, then tested it out in the back country of Arizona and California. This assembly will reduce slack in your steering and withstand more side loading than the factory bushing assembly. Remember, everything has it's limits and while this unit is bullet-proof, it can still be bent by doing whacky off-road maneuvers. Drive Wild, and be responsible.


1. Brass bushing Kit contains:

Two machined brass bushings and a shim pack. You will need to provide the OEM idler, this rebuilds it with superior components, wheel bearing grease of your choosing is required for the rebuild, a factory service manual is suggested. Images showing complete units are merely to depict the final installation.

2. 555 Made in Japan Idler for Montero with American Made Brass bushing kit and shim pack.

3. 555 Made in Japan Idler assembly for Mighty Max with American Made Brass bushing kit and shim pack.

Consider drilling and tapping the housing for a grease fitting for easy greasing, otherwise we suggest tearing down and greasing at the same interval you care for your wheel bearings. Some will need grease more often than others depending on the climate and use, inspect your steering parts before off roading.

The Basic Info:

The idler arm works to support the pitman arm in the steering system. While your steering box and pitman arm do all of the actual hydraulic to mechanical work; moving the front wheels from left to right, the tie rod ends and drag link carry the force applied from the steering box. The idler arm’s job is to be a passive participant in the steering system, it’s there to support the pitman arm’s movements. The more support it provides, the firmer and more precise the steering is. The bushings the Kingpin shaft ride on are plastic from the factory. Other brands of 4×4’s use a similar style of steering and already have upgraded bushings and idler arms available to them, now the montero does too.

The problem(s):

- The idler arm is mounted outboard of the frame in front of the axle center line, this means that road dirt, salt, water and debris will come into contact with it every day.  The factory bushings for the idler arms are made of plastic and break down over time.

-Worn idler arm bushings result in steering slop and wander, premature tire wear, outer or inner cupping on the tires and most importantly, an unsafe vehicle to operate at 75 MPH.  A worn system will cause the vehicle to follow the cracks in the road, making things unpredictable and requiring extra effort on behalf of the driver.

The solution:

These brass bushings are superior in strength to the factory units in terms of durability and tensile strength, the stock bushings wear out and give your rig that ‘big truck’ loose steering feeling. The new bushings are made of brass alloy and they’re made to last. So get yourself some bushings, firm that steering back up and remind yourself of the handling that helped Mitsubishi rock the Dakar in these trucks.


This kit rebuilds the idler housing - You must have a Mitsubishi factory housing or a 555 unit - At current time no other aftermarket idler arm housings are confirmed to work. You'll be re-using your housing, clips, washers and arm with ball joint. if your ball joint is worn or your shaft might be bent, order our entire assembly. If you get to the point of assembly and it wont go together, you're likely slightly bent and will need to order a new core to work from.

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Bullet Proof Idler Bushings - 1983-1991 Gen 1 Mitsubishi Montero & Mighty Max

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