This kit of essential armor pieces didn't exist until 2020, neither did the essential worker. Many of us logged hundreds of miles in 2020 while our friends and family worked from home (if they were lucky to keep working) Providing armor while keeping the vehicle light and fuel efficient for the daily drive is what we had in mind with these skids.

Your Montero came from the factory with a front skid to protect the sway bar, and an engine oil pan skid plate, which also protects the front differential, it also came with a narrow fuel tank skid plate that leaves the edges of the tank exposed, it even got a transfer case skid plate. They're all made of basic stamped sheet metal, but they're better than nothing! Which is nearly what the Gen 3 came with, only getting a front skid... yet this leaves a giant weakness exposed -  the transmission pan!! It's made of fairly thin material when you consider putting the whole truck on it. 

The fuel tank skid can be used to layer over the existing steel skid adding extra coverage, a better look and more rigidity to the set-up. The transmission protection fits underneath the Transmission Pan. It bolts to the cross members in four existing locations and additional fastening points are provided (and suggested!) for further rigidity.

These skid plates are more resilient than stock because stock had zero protection in these areas, it's a great way to protect your investment and your fuel range for years to come. A dented tank holds less fuel and the Aisin transmission will really appreciate it, the pan on these is not very thick and a good rock or branch could result in a trans leak for you. We've seen these transmissions put out 400,000+ miles if cared for, so we've done our best to provide protection without trapping additional heat, you'll note there's vents in the trans skid plate you dont see in the other plates, because heat is hard on a transmission, and this big pan could otherwise hold debri after being submerged in mud etc, these holes also allow it to drain.

The front of the skid bolts to where the mid-skid overlaps, the rear bolts to the passenger side of the cross-member, you'll want to drill 2 new holes in your cross member to fully secure this skid, but it will bolt on as-is. What you don't do is up to you. You may experience rattles or buzzes if you dont properly secure your skid plate, either do it right, or crank up the radio!

Want to learn more about installing? Check out this fun video made by Auto Offtopic Podcast hosts:

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ADHD - Adventure Driven Hardcore Design | Gen 2 Essential Worker's Skid Kit | Including "The Missing Link" Transmission protection.

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