American-Made Billet Case Reinforcements for all Transfer-cases after 93: Super-Select models (check that your transfer-case has a narrow, tall 10 bolt plate on the side of the case opposite of the front driveshaft. )

Fit's L400 2.8 and v6 Delica, 93+ 3.0 and 3.5 Montero and Montero Sport, JDM Monteros with 2.8 up to 2001.

Billet reinforcements plates are commonplace in transmission upgrades, typically for one or more of three reasons; high rpm, high torque, or high horsepower. It’s likely your Mitsu 4wd is not turning very high horsepower, unless you’ve swapped in the 3.8 Mivec engine or other modified mill, or dialed it up with boost.

Depending on the low range gears your case is running and the tire size you’ve got; the transfer-case might be under a high torque load when you’re off-road and using 4-low.

We’ve partnered with Dimitry from D-Fab Designs to develop a reinforcement plate similar to the beautiful transmission pan kit he’s made for gen 1's.

This 13mm thick transfer-case plate is available exclusively through ADD and comes with all needed hardware to install. Use this plate to reinforce the large open cavity on the side of the stock transfer-case and add passive cooling to the system. Currently the large cavity is covered by a simple piece of stamped steel, likely bent on the edges and rusting, the cavity it covers was intended for a PTO case, it would be bolted to the side and operating a PTO winch for other countries, we are unable to retrofit this system to our trucks so all of them have been equipped with the stamped plate. Behind the stamped plate is the largest of the 4wd and Low range gears, it rides on a steel shoulder shaft in the aluminum case rolling on two caged needle bearing assemblies. Having a large open cavity next to this gear can lend to the potential for case flex and premature bearing failure, leading to gear and bearing noise; symptoms of bearing failure that can lead to metal in the system and overheating to eventual failure of the low range gear set.

The new plate not only reinforces the case, it also adds cooling through 8mm raised cooling fins, these increase the surface area of the portion of the case where most of the fluid resides. In low range you’re traveling at low speeds with minimal air flow, and it’s the only time you’re working that lower set of gears, this helps to  ensure your transfercase stays cool and strong while you’re putting it to use. The raised fins are large enough to promote cooling while being small enough for easy cleaning and small enough to prevent most mud and dirt packing. Use of this plate is highly recommended if you’re using or planning to use Marks4wd 2.7 or 3.15 low range gearing. 

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Billet Transfer-Case Reinforcement

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