This kit is designed to protect your oil pan, front differential,  transmission pan, exhaust system and catalytic converter from rocks, sticks, dirt and dents. A dented or cracked transmission pan can end the trip or leave you stranded, a pinched exhaust can do the same thing. Worse than those factors are the growing rates of catalytic converter theft. Owners of the Pajero have likely observed the largest of the factory catalytic converters is easily accessible on a lifted truck; without an ADD transmission skid plate covering the cat, preventing theft. Either way you look at it, you're protecting an investment for years to come.

Kit options:

1. Oil Pan Skid Plate.


2. Transmission Skid Plate.

Material Type:

ADHD Cold Rolled Steel. Not Stainless, but not far from it. Does require paint or powder coating. These heady duty skids are in the HD line of our products. Designed for hardcore off-roaders, expedition rigs and overland vehicles with increased weight, thus needing a higher tensile strenth sheet of steel under their belly. The finished units are raw steel and need to be coated prior to installation.

Too heavy for you? Check out our Superleggera Series here, a lightweight aluminum version.

Your Pajero came from the factory with a front skid to protect the sway bar, and an engine oil pan skid plate, which also protects the front differential, The factory skid plates are all made of basic stamped metal, but they're better than nothing! Which is nearly what the Gen 3 came with, only getting a front skid... yet this leaves a giant weakness exposed -  the transmission pan!! The pan of the transmission is made of fairly thin material when you consider putting the weight of a whole truck on it. Our skid plate bridges that gap with 'the missing link' transmission skid plate. 

These skid plates are more resilient than stock because stock had grossly inadequate protection in these areas, it's a great way to protect your investment, your drive train, and your vehicle components for years to come. You'll note there's vents in the trans skid plate you dont see in the other plates, because heat is hard on a transmission, and this big pan could otherwise hold debri after being submerged in mud etc, these holes also allow it to drain.

You have to drill at least 2 new holes in your cross member to fully secure the transmission skid, but it will bolt on as-is. What you don't do is up to you. You may experience rattles or buzzes if you don't properly secure your skid plate, either do it right, or crank up the radio!

Want to learn more about installing? Check out this fun video of a gen 2 montero which takes similar work; made by Auto Offtopic Podcast hosts:

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ADHD - 1997-1999 JDM Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution Steel Skid Plate Armor Kit.

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