American trucks show a lot more frame from the factory than a Montero, so putting a body lift on most American trucks will create a window into their soul, or at least a window to see through the truck as you will end up with gap between the frame and body...

However! on Japanese trucks this is not the case, J-tin trucks tuck the frame really well from the factory, you can run up to a 2" body lift without changing the truck aesthetically and making a LOT of space for big tires.

While many will tell you a suspension lift is better...

That all depends on how you use your truck, the factory suspension is quite robust and needs little upgrades to do a lot of work, if you're an overlander or light wheeler, even a mall crawler (there's no shame in a cool looking truck) the factory suspension is probably fine for you. If you scoff at the idea of removing sway bars, a body lift is likely for you. If you want to clear 35" tires without rubbing, but spent all of your money on tires, gears and other parts and want that stuff on your truck sooner than you can afford a full suspension lift, then a body lift is for you. There's a lot of reasons to run a body lift and we wont tell you not to.

Over the years we've run from 1" to 3" body lifts and from stock tires to 37" tires, even 40's one day when the sun had cooked our brains a little too much. We've sized this kit up for the maximum lift involving the least amount of work. At 1-3/4" you'll have the least amount of modification involving your lines, electrical wiring and shifter movement. There's not much to installing a body lift, but check the forums for details, there are a few things you need to be aware of when doing a body lift, nothing major, but it will save you time if you do research.

lift: 1-3/4"

Kit includes: 12 mounts, bolts, washers and nuts. Everything you need to get it done and nothing more.

Price includes shipping

Photo shows some of the contents you will get.

Always made to order, typically ships in 1-2 weeks of order.

Made in America with American materials.

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ADHD - Adventure Driven Hardcore Design | Mitsubishi 4WD Body Lift

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