About Us

Adventure Driven Design was born of extremes, early days of adventure were spent in the below zero lake effect snow bombing winters, in the lush summer forests of Michigan and through the rivers of the midwestern states. Later years as the business became established the company found its home in the southwest where temps are often above 100 and the sun shines year round. It was like-minded enthusiasts and driven people who work nearly round the clock, except when they're on an adventure that brought ADD to reality. 

We're an adventure company, and we are adventurists, most importantly, we're unconventional in all the ways we do things... combining work and play means we're not always available to communicate, we might be out in the mountains or in the canyons when your order comes in, we might be crossing the tonto national forest or the golden gate bridge when your part is ordered, we send out beacons on social media so people know we're alive, we coordinate materials and manufacturing, we do it ourselves, our lives and our company are flexible and small, we dont send tracking numbers, we're slow to reply to questions that are not easily answered, but, we're trying. We live the life we designed and it's entirely based on adventure. There's a few things you should know; you can reach us, although sometimes it's not immediate, your order will arrive, you can email us more than once, and, we're always working, so, ping us any time, if we have signal, a safe place to stop or the ability to reach you, we'll respond. 

All Adventure Driven Design branded parts are designed and manufactured in America with the best performance and durability in mind, then tested by hardcore rigs on some of the gnarliest trails in the Southwest. We strive to be there for your off-road, daily-driver or expedition needs.