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Lift kits are considered special order, some items are kept in stock, some items are special order, depending on our inventory at any given time you may receive most, half, some or none of your kit immediately followed by the remaining items as they arrive, typically the springs take the longest but are consistent and the torsion bars can be quick or slow, our suppliers are outside of our control but we will work to get your parts as quick as possible, if you're ordering this kit in a time-sensitive situation; plan ahead! We don't react to expedited requests, we simply can't. We appreciate your understanding and patience as you wait for the best and ONLY complete kit engineered for the Mitsubishi Montero.

Please include the following information when purchasing:

Rear lift: 1", 1.5", or 2.5"

We understand that everyone sets their truck up for different purposes, if you’re going hard and plan to really use that rig, let us guide you into a solid set up.

This lift kit could be overkill for you, this kit was designed to support the biggest and baddest rigs of the southwest, this isn't a mall crawler lift kit that will get you street cred and a little more ground clearance, this is full race spec, fully hardcore, for fully built Monteros. You need to modify your rig additionally to really get the most out of this kit, but there's tons of uses and tons of configurations, you'll have to make the call, you're deep in the land of modified suspension here, we're not responsible for your rock crawler, overlander, expedition, custom suspension build on your truck. This is what we use and we're making it available to you. Enjoy! If you need advice on what to add to the truck, feel free to email us and tell us how you will be utimately using and building your rig. Everything has implications and you're doin it at your own risk!

Rear spring options dictate the rest: 1", 1.5" and 2.5"

Basic info on all of our coil springs:

Made in America
Powder coated black
Increase load carrying capacity by 400lbs
Increase progressive rate from 1.5 to 4.1

Torsion bar upgrade

HD Torsion Bars
These replace your dying or dead over-cranked factory torsion bars with a more progressive and heavier duty unit with increased load carrying capacity.

Front 5100 Bilstein Shocks
We’ve custom spec’d and custom fit some 5100 series Bilsteins to make your truck ride like you’ve never experienced before. Plush on-road handling for comfortable driving, like a high-end SUV should be, off-road is where the 5100 really shines soaking up all the terrain without fade. You'll find handling to be somewhere between a trophy truck and a Dakar rally champion.

Rear 5100 Bilstein Shocks
1" gets stock extended
1.5" gets mid travel
2.5" gets long travel

Adjustable Panhard bar

You can't go 2.5" and get full travel without one of these and if you're that deep in modded truck land, you're probably putting the montero to work and want this high grade racing component. Maximum flex, adjustability and extremely strong. You'll bounce off rocks that would bend the stock bar into a bad rear-end alignment issue.

Long travel brake line

We've sourced a long travel brake line to help you get the most out of your suspension travel.

Going for the 2.5" inch lift? You need to consider Siberian bushings

Once you're in the 2.5 inch lift, long travel shock area, you're likely in the rock crawling area of using your Montero. This means accelerated wear on your suspension bushings. You can beat that thing down to worn out bushings and still keep slogging through trails, but if you're trying to keep your montero operating in it's prime, upgrade to the best poly bushings you can get for a Montero.

Complete lift kit for:

Gen 2 and 2.5 
Gen 1 V6 only - kit not available for 4 cylinder leaf sprung models yet.

Montero Sport - Coil Sprung only!

Suspension is engineered around the full size gen 2 montero, results may vary depending on chassis type and constant load.

This lift kit includes:
Adventure Driven DesignADD Long Travel Rear Springs
Sway-Away HD Torsion bars for the front
Bilstein 5100 series shocks front and rear
Adventure Driven Design adjustable panhard bar
New! Now includes an extended brake line!

Where do you go from here? Practically anywhere! but we'd suggest a full set of poly bushings, chromoly idler and ball joints and some of our skid plates, if you'd like to keep up with us on the long road! Drive Wild!

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ADHD Adventure Driven Hardcore Design | Gen 1 & 2 Montero Complete Lift kit

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