Your montero is wandering all over the cracked summer highway as you trek cross country? Steering input should be minimal, but instead, you've got a death-grip on the wheel because 'this darn road is so terrible!' ? -  Stop... it's not the road, it's your trucks inability to handle the road, with those wider tires, lower offset rims, loaded down, lifted suspension, everything that changes or wears in the suspension compounds toward the steering wheel.

Loose bushings can really decrease the control of your rig, if you check out our full line of steering and suspension rebuild parts, you'll find everything you need to gain control of the front end... the rear of your rig has a few key points too, the panhard bar keeps the axle in line, and keeps it from shifting to the left and right as you drive down the road, when the bushings wear, the bar bends, or the bar gets weak, flex happens and is compounded; sometimes fixing the front can highlight the rear, sometimes the rear will speak for itself.

This is not our ADHD panhard bar, that one is designed for rock crawling, bouncing off logs and boulders, the bar is more solid, it has chromoly joints, the NVH factor of that bar is higher than this bar.

This bar is bushed with low durometer polyurethane siberian bushings. These bushings are firmer than OEM but not solid like most urethane bushings. This makes for a firm but quiet and comfortable ride. This bar doesnt allow full suspension articulation like our 7075 ADHD bar, but it flexes out as good as the stock bar while adding a lot of strength, and most important; the adjustability. Since this bar uses stock panhard bushings, you can rebuild it with over the counter parts if you ever need to.

Made of DOM tubing, fully adjustable on vehicle with urethane bushings, available in limited runs for:

89-91 Montero/Raider (coil only)
92-00 Montero (gen 2/2.5)
00-04 Montero Sport

When not in stock expect a 6-8 week lead time. We build these in small batches right here in America with American metal.

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Adventure Driven Design | Expedition Cruiser - Poly Mounted Adjustable Pan-hard Bar

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